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AJ Love

Some would say she attracts trouble.  Other’s would say she seeks it out.  True is, it could go either way but then that’s the way she likes it.

Detective Stone

Tall, dark and handsome never looked to good if you don’t mind a side arm and a side of grouchy.  He may be tough, but he's out for justice.

Agatha Handly

As AJ's business manager she's all business all the time.  She runs a tight ship in serious shoes with an impossibly tight bun.

April May

If it were possible to make bubble wrap dangerous, April would be the one to do it.  Not because she would have to try, disasters just come naturally.

Officer Tuttle

By the book best describes this career cop.  He knows the rules, he likes the rules and he won't let you get away with breaking them.

Officer Duffy

A rookie assigned to Officer Tuttle, Duffy adds heart and humanity to a rough job.  Maybe his optimism isn't right for the job.  Maybe it's just what the job needs.

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