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Anger Unchecked

When you start Monday with a man in a diaper in your office, you have to wonder what else could go wrong.  For AJ Love, this is only the beginning.  She should have got the shot of espresso…AJ Love has a business to run, a building to buy, and to pack and move.  The last thing she needs is more chaos.  Unfortunately, things turn ugly as Monday’s often do when she stumbles upon a foot with no one attached. Soon body parts are turning up quicker than she can say caramel macchiato.  When she hits the suspect list and the killers radar she has two options, find out who the killer is or be killed herself.

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Great plan...bad execution!  That sums up what happens when AJ Love agrees to be hottie Detective Stone's date.  After fire and water, what comes next?  A body falling from the sky.  Love and Stone team up to figure out what happened and how a killer escaped when it should have been impossible.  Will they solve the mystery or remain befuddled?

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